Jan 15, 2016

Final goodbye on Grotto Beach

January 15, 2015

Our last day at GRC was one of the most memorable. With all of our daily exercises complete, we had the day to enjoy as a group one last time.

In the morning, our groups gave presentations on future sustainability plans for San Salvador. Transportation, food, energy, waste management, jobs, education, and outreach were all addressed. Sarah and I were in charge of 'outreach' that would bring together these ideas and the local community. The overall goal is to encourage San Salvadorians to take a closer look at the sustainability of their island and highlight how Bahamian life is connected to the ocean. 

Sarah had the wonderful idea of creating a website that would showcase the island's geology, facts, and sustainable practices. This is a project I would like to expand on and share with the San Salvadorians to show them potential opportunities for them and their island.

Our presentations and discussions lasted until lunch time, and at 1:30 p.m. we set off on the trucks one last time. We decided on Grotto Beach - located on the south side of the island. En route to our destination, a storm cloud followed us and it began to pour. Some of us embraced the rain, others not so much, but it made for a very memorable trip! We all voted to keep forging ahead, determined to spend our last hours at this beautiful beach. As we approached our destination, the sun was there to shoo away the passing storm. Success!

Grotto Beach seems to host the bluest and most crystal clear wasters. The waves were just right for body surfing. Some of us were able to 'surf' up the foreshore about 25 ft from where the waves broke. Records were set.  

As the sun shifted from east to west and began to set, we all gathered to have our final sand castle and cartwheel competitions. Today was a good day.